About us

“Maslahatçylar” HJ (here in after referred to as “Consultants”) cooperates with leaders of companies and organizations in both the private and public sectors to find solutions to their problems and opportunities.

"Consultants" always welcome all interested parties who seek to cooperate with us for further growth together in the business environment.

Our Capabilities

In any complex business environment, advanced business solutions are required. This is exactly what we - professional partners of "Consultants" provide you with.

With our support, you can expand and scale your business using the vast potential of the vast Caspian region.

Our priorities and business model are determined by our team, which are exclusively top professionals.

Full business support in Turkmenistan

Tender management

Project management consulting

Marketing research and monitoring

Do you have a project?

Почему Maslahatçylar?

Practical Approach

We are practitioners and help business leaders in the development of complex and systemic solutions to problems associated with the organization management of complex systems in various fields of activity.


Our innovative approach - with the help of a Creative Consultant the potential of the client company’s group is sharply activated, and in a short time it can develop solutions that determine the development of this company for the long term.


Tandem Client and Consultant - the interest of the Client will give a "long-playing" effect from the proposed decision of the Consultant if the decision was accepted and supported at all levels of the Client Company.